Australia’s East Coast

With STA’s great flight deals and working visa offers now is a good time to look back at my time travelling Australia! Here is some advice for anyone hoping to tackle the infamous East Coast.


-We stayed in Kings Cross which is quite a party/student area, it is easy to get everywhere from here

Our first big shop came when we walked around a supermarket for 20 minutes trying to find the alcohol, only to find out they don’t sell it. Head to a bottle shop to get yourself a bag of goon!
-The next day we headed for a walk through the Botanic Gardens which was so nice
-We visited Targona Zoo which did a student discount, this was great and means you get free river cruise so great views looking back at bridge and opera house
-We went to Bondi Beach and sunbathed and walked along the coast, we saw a big crowd of people around the coast line and turned out there were whales not far off from the shore.
-We went to Darling Harbour on Sunday to watch the free fire works, definitely worth it!
-As an extra excursion if you have time go to the Blue Mountains, this was an amazing day trip and such a beautiful walk with amazing views and waterfalls

Byron Bay
-We arrived planning on only staying 3 days and ended up staying over a week, there is such a nice chilled vibe here
-You can visit the Eastern most point of Australia and do the lighthouse walk, it was tough but there are great views, try and make it up in time for sunset, we ended up running late and had to hitch hike to the top

-Here we were able to kayak with wild dolphins!!

-We did a long walk in the national park, so lovely and stop off at Alexandria bay 🙂
– We did a 2 night 3 day trip to the Everglades and found it really hard and it rained and camp flooded although we did have one sunny day. Might be worth just doing the day trip or hoping you have better weather than we did

Rainbow beach/Fraser Island
-We arrived here one night before our Fraser Island tour and stayed at Frasers on Rainbow.
-Fraser Island was the highlight of our trip, so much fun and such beautiful beaches!
-Definitely book a night in the same hostel after Fraser Island as you want to hang with all your new friends!

Airlie beach/Whitsundays
-We went out on the ‘Spank Me’ boat which was fun but a much more chilled vibe than the Atlantic Clipper, the big party boat

-We were lucky enough to snorkel with a turtle off our boat! Another highlight was the beaches at the Whitsundays which have been voted some of the best in the world!

-Sleeping on a boat in the middle of the ocean is a strange experience, but we met great people and had great fun



Magnetic island
-We stayed at BASE hostel which is definitely the fanciest hostel I’ve ever seen

-You can go to feed wild wallabees between getting off the bus at Arcadia and they just come running up to you!



-You can hold koala’s in the sanctuary here, but we went on a walk and ended up spotting some in the wild!


-The buses are easy to use but you can also hire a small car to run around the island in

-We did a boat tour to the Great Barrier Reef. Provided loads of yummy food plus tea and coffee. We did two scuba dives: first was an additional $70 to the tour cost which was ($100 each) and 2nd dive was $45. Absolutely loved it. If you don’t want to dive you can snorkel for free though 🙂

-We also did a skydive with Skydive Australia in Cairns which I cannot recommend enough! We were mean to do this in Mission Beach which is the only place you can land on the beach but the weather was bad so we had to rearrange.
– We headed up to cape tribulation and Daintree Rainforest which was cool however you could probably just do a day trip rather than staying over night, we spent one night and were meant to have a second but were ready to get back to Cairns so we left a day early


This is just a brief summary of my time on the East Coast, I hope it is a little helpful!



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