A Trip to the Philippines

The Philippines is made up of over 7000 islands and so there is something for everyone! With STA’s great deals on at the moment to the Philippines I thought I would write about some of the stuff it has to offer. Most tourists will fly into Manila and make their outward travel from there. It is a crowded congested city, with a lot of traffic. You could spend a few days here after arriving but then should move on to see some of the other amazing things the Philippines has to offer!


Some areas are more well-known than others, and this is what they are popular for:

Cebu: One of the best places for snorkelling and scuba diving, Malapascua Island is meant to be amazing!


Palawan: Famous for its stunning beaches, more scuba diving around Coron. This is the most travelled area, many chose to take the route from Puerto Princesa to Coron.

Boracay Island: If you’re a backpacker, this may be slightly out of your price range. This is one of the most expensive resort-like areas.

Some things to do:

Visit a tarsier monkey sanctuary on Bohol:

There is a sanctuary on Bohol where you can visit the rare tarsier monkeys

Snorkel/Scuba dive:

The Philippines is home to giant whale sharks which only eat plankton. They can be found in Oslob on Cebu and Donsol in Luzon, you can take boat trips out to areas where you can swip right off the boat with a snorkel.


Hike a volcano:

There are many volcanos around Manila which can be managed by even the unexperienced hiker! Some of these are still partially active


Visit El Nido, Palawan:

There are many beautiful snorkelling sites and beaches here, ferries travel here from Manila via Coron


(Pictures not my own)


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