Christmas Weekends Away in Europe

If you’re looking for a get-away for over the Christmas holidays, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out more about some of the best European cities for a short break.

1. Paris 

Despite gaining a reputation as a tourist hotspot, Paris has so much to offer. Forget the long queues for the Eiffel Tour and the Louvre. Get off the beaten track, climb the Sacre Coeur at sunset for stunning views over the city. Wander round Montmartre’s beautiful streets and stop for a coffee and a crepe. Stumble across dainty French Bistros. If you must visit the major attractions book online to skip the queue. You’ll have many evil eyes watching you as you make your way to the front of the queue, whilst they’ve been stood there waiting for hours.
Paris’ metro is easy to navigate and definitely the best way to get around the city, so get yourself a ticket and make the short hop over to Paris this Christmas break!

Last year I visited Paris for New Years Eve on a whim, we booked on the 29th December and it was so much fun! We grabbed an air bnb very near the Eiffel Tower and headed to the street party on the Champs Elysses to watch the count down to New Years Eve!
2. Berlin

Visiting Berlin last summer showed me just how much the city has to offer, I really was blown away. The city’s history ensures that there’s something for everything. Take a free walking tour of the city, where the tours are free and the tour guides rely on tips alone as their wages. I found this the best way to see the city, get some local knowledge and find out a lot about the troubled history. We enjoyed the tour so much we booked a paid one with the same company to visit a concentration camp the next day.

If history’s not really your thing, Berlin has one of the best clubbing and music scenes in Europe. Must-go’s include Tresor, Matrix, Suicide Circus and Weekend, the club situated on a roof-top where you can watch the sunrise over Berlin whilst sipping cocktails. Not to mention the famous Berghain, where you’ll more than likely queue for 4 hours to be turned away by Sven, is none the less recommended by some as the club to visit by many. I was suggest skipping this and visiting somewhere else you’re more likely to get it, and more likely to have a better night.
Either way, Berlin has something for everyone, and should be top of your bucket list!
3. Amsterdam
Easily reachable by a short flight from the Uk, what’s not to love about Amsterdam.
Wander the streets of the red light district, hire a bike and cycle round the canals, visit one of the many museums. For an insight into Amsterdams red light scene, visit the red light secrets museum for an interesting look into the sex workers lives.
To visit Anne Frank’s house I would recommend getting up early, we arrived there at 8 and queued for an hour before it opened, but then were let in shortly after. The queue was much bigger when we left. Alternatively book ahead online for queue skip entry.
4. Budapest

Two cities Buda and Pest, separated by a river make up Hungarys capital.
As above I would recommend a walking tour in this city, with so much to learn.
Visit one of Budapest’s many ruin bars for an authentic side to the city, or one of the ancient baths.
By night in Saturday’s two Roman baths turn into ‘spartys’ – bath parties. Buy a ticket online which comes with a towel, entry and some drink tokens. This was such an experience, partying until the early hours in a Roman bath. Book ahead as they do sell out!!
So there you have it, head to any of these cities for a short weekend away – you won’t regret it.


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