Top Tips of what to do in Malta, from a Malteaser

The small beautiful island of Malta where I spent my childhood summers has much to be explored. This year I took my boyfriend for the first time, so we set about exploring and finding new things to do (and some old things for me) Here are some recommendations if you have some time to spend there in the summer

1.Head to the beach

Malta is not famous for its beautiful beaches. Despite this, it still makes the list. You are pretty much guaranteed good weather so how could you resist a dip in the med. Head to Mellieha, Golden Bay or Ghajn Tuffieha for one of Malta’s sandy beaches. The other beaches you might find are likely to be rocky

2. Take a boat trip to the crystal blue waters of the Blue Lagoon, just off Comino. Charlie’s Speedboat Trips leave from Golden Bay at 4 and this is the perfect time to enjoy it after the masses of tourists have left.


3. Sample freshly caught fish in Marsaxlokk

This fishing village in the south of the island is the perfect place to try some freshly caught fish. I recommend Ta’ Victor for a lovely meal.

  1. Take a day trip (or overnight trip) to Gozo

Gozo, Malta’s smaller sister island is similar to how Malta was 20 years ago. With much less hustle and bustle and a slower pace to life it can provide a break from a break. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, try the beautiful Kempinski hotel in San Lawrenz for true luxury.

  1. Visit Mdina

No trip to Malta would be complete without a trip to the silent city. The old capital plays home to Kings Landing in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, but also offers magnificent views over Malta. Stop by Fontanella tea gardens and sample their famous chocolate cake, it is not to be missed.

6.A Brief History

Malta’s history should not be overlooked. There are many archaeological sites of interest, the Hypoguem (currently closed but should be booked well in advance), Catacombs of Rabat, and many Neolithic temples – this year we visited Ta’Xien. Such a small island is brimming with history and it is definitely worth visiting some of these places and a museum, such as the War Museum – see my last post – to learn more about the history.


If you think I’ve left anything off, please let me know!

P.s. Don’t go round calling the Maltese Malteasers!


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