Top Tips to Stay Safe While Travelling!

We’ve all heard the horror stories, about that friend who went off travelling and managed within 48 hours to lose her passport, credit cards and all her money. You don’t want to be that person! Here are some top tips to stay safe while abroad.

  1. Be at least partially wary of strangers.

Yes, one of the reasons you’re travelling is probably to meet new people. Yes, most of the people you meet in hostels are friendly and kind and willing to help. However, you have to be aware that not every one you meet is going to be like that. Be friendly, of course you want to make friends but just remember that you’ve just met most of these people so you shouldn’t necessarily trust them with all your belongings.
2. Use lockers provided in hostels

Lock up your stuff! Carry a padlock, most hostels have lockers for your valuables. Passports are huge on the black market, keep yours on you whenever possible. It’s also a good idea to keep a photocopy of it as that will make it a lot easier if you do need to get a replacement. I’d also recommend locking your back pack, especially when travelling on coaches for example where your back pack is stored out of your eyeline. That means if there are people rummaging around in the hold, your bag is safe.
3. Spread out your money.

Carry a card or two, and put them in separate places. It’s a good idea to carry some cash in local currency, and perhaps some dollars too. However, spreading these out would be most beneficial so if anyone does come across your stash you won’t be out of money, and hopefully you’ll still have a card to withdraw some if need be.
4. Plan ahead

It’s nice to do some things without planning them, however it’s in some cases a good idea to have some rough plans. Be aware of where you’re travelling to, local laws and customs are important, and in some places very different to home. It’s essential to know these things, as it can result in some awkward situations.
5. Get travel insurance

It’s not a nice idea when you’re planning a trip to think it might go wrong. However, if something is to go badly, such as having things stolen or getting sick, it is much better to have that peace of mind that you can replace your belongings or get treated in hospital without worrying about the cost. Be sure to check out the excess to see what option works for you, and also if certain things are covered as often you need specific cover for extreme sports such as sky diving. Check out the deals STA have for travel insurance!
Things such as these are obviously the boring part of travelling. It’s not as fun to sort out these things as it is to look at pictures of white beaches and crystal clear water whilst imagining yourself there sipping a cocktail. Despite this, it’s best to be prepared as in the end it could end up saving your trip!



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