In my 21 years of spending my summer holidays in Malta, not once have I seen a rainy day.

This summer was due to be no different, with glowing 35 degree heat forecasted for my whole holiday. After a late night flight we arrived at 2am and went straight to bed. At 5am I was awoken by the sound of rain. After promising my boyfriend good weather, I was a little worried. However when we woke it was the glorious weather I had come to expect and we headed straight to the beach.

I checked and saw that it was due to rain a few days later so we set out trying to think of something to do that day. I wasn’t used to it being anything but sunny so this was a bit of a change.

Firstly we made full use of the wifi. So boring 🙄 but there was football on and I secretly wanted to watch season 4 of Orange is the new black 🙈.

We decided in the afternoon to head to the Natural War Museum in Valletta. It has been recently renovated and is actually in a fort (Fort St Elmo) that Malta used to defend itself in WWII. It had lots of history and information in different rooms, and it was nice to do something I’ve never done in Malta before. I’d recommend it even if it wasn’t raining!

IMG_2975.jpgWe then headed for famous cake at fontanella, and home for some Netflix time. A day well spent!