Saving Money As A Student

Students are infamous for having very little money. But if your interested in saving for travelling, some things have got to go. It’s definitely possible, but you have to be organised. Follow some of these simple tips to help you with saving for that special trip.

1. Be organised:
This may sound simple, but if you’re buying lunch and coffees out everyday this adds up. Get organised, shop in advance and make a packed lunch to take with you to class or the library. This will save you £4-5 on buying a sandwich out, which works out at £25 a week if you do this every day. Instead put that money aside, by the end of the month you’ll have £100.

2. Stop the splurging:
Topshop have a new range out? Not for you. Although many high street shops offer student discounts which are great and you should definitely take advantage of, you can’t afford to be buying every new release if you’re trying to save money. Think charity shops, eBay or raising your house mates wardrobe before that night out.

3. Nights out
Nights out can be expensive, the pre drinks, entry, taxis, drinks – you can easily end up forgetting that you’re meant to be spending and buying your friends a round of jager bombs. Stick to buying yourself drinks, try and split taxis and most clubs offer free entry if you’re there early enough. Take advantage of offers, everything you can save helps.

4. When it comes to planning the trip-be smart:
Book in advance, be organised. Last minute trips are nearly always more expensive. Get in touch with STA travel who have a price beat guarantee!

Obviously, there are many ways to save money. Your student loan is unlikely to cover this alone. Get a job, and try and make sure you’re spending less than you earn. Putting aside a small amount each month can add up and you can end up saving much more than you realise.


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